Starting a business is hard, but starting a business without a well-named brand or product can be hard and leave you with a lot of wasted time and energy that doesn’t achieve your goals. In this MasterClass, HerBusiness brings in brand expert Amey Lee to talk about how to name your product or brand. Naming things is usually challenging, but you don’t have to depend on creativity or a random strike of inspiration – Amey shares her tried and true strategies for naming brands and products. Plus, she walks listeners through a live example of her strategy using a product submitted by a HerBusiness member.

Amey is the founder of Heart Content, a brand and content consulting business that helps businesses tell their brand story. She is also a writer and content specialist and has worked with businesses across the board, from startup entrepreneurs to giant corporations like the BBC.

Listen to this MasterClass to learn more about:

  • Using art, science and strategy to name your brand or product
  • Why naming your product or brand can be so hard, and how to make it easier
  • The four types of names, and how to decide which is best for you
  • Advice for naming across a suite of products or services
  • Tips for asking for feedback on your name
  • How to know when it’s right to rebrand your business
  • When it is and isn’t appropriate to use your name as your brand
  • 5 bonus tips for naming your brand or product

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Event Details

  • How to Effectively Name Your Brand or Product
  • Speakers: Amey Lee
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

As Director of Heart Content, Amey helps her clients both large and small to build compelling brand stories, create clever content strategies and produce tailored content that speaks to their unique audience. With a career in the communications industry that spans more than ten years, Amey is an integrated communications...