Throughout May at HerBusiness we are diving into the Money Growth Zone.

We’re thrilled to have HerBusiness Network Members Chantel Gilbert of Bluegum Electrical Solutions, Shandra Moran of The Transit Lounge and Bernadette Janson of The School of Renovating present the “Money Mindset” Masterclass.

Your money mindset is your unique set of beliefs and your attitude about money. It drives the decisions you make about saving, spending and handling money personally.
It also determines how much you’re willing to charge for your products and services and how you think about abundance and scarcity in your business.

These women work with mindset and money every day, either in their own businesses or with clients.
They’ll give you some practical things you can do to see how your money mindset might be holding you back from your financial goals.

What Attendees Said

Money Mindset Masterclass Testimonials

About Masterclasses

In HerBusiness Masterclasses, you get to learn from the brilliance of other women in the community AND from specially-invited experts who share what they know answering all your questions.

Develop all the skills that really help you step more and more into the role of leader in your business — working ON your business with more clarity and focus, than IN it.

Event Details

  • Money Mindset Masterclass
  • Speakers: Chantel Gilbert and Shandra Moran and Bernadette Janson
  • Venue: On Demand

About the Guests

I am an. obsessed renovator, yummy granny and serious tea drinker. I did my first renovation at 13 ,it was the 70s and the highlight was the feature wallpaper in 70s style swirls of navy, lime and white. Conquering my dull bedroom was a defining moment in my life. I...

I have always had a strong passion for customer service, analysing nearly every transaction I have with any business and how the interaction made me feel as a customer. I would get so frustrated by the silly mistakes businesses were making. That’s when I realised that I had to do my own...

Shandra is the founder of The Transit Lounge, a boutique leadership coaching consultancy for women who have had a successful career and now want to start their own business. Her broad experience and training includes over ten years in the highly competitive media industry as well as over ten years...