Businesses are built on relationships. And so are strong communities.

When you build your own community, you establish your authority and make connections and long-term relationships.

It’s also a great way for you to become known and the ‘go to’ person in your industry and to position you as an influencer.

As business leaders, it’s easier than ever before to lead a community – your very own group of people that trust and respect you and look to you for guidance, support, education and as a conduit for connection to like-minded people.

The HerBusiness Community for example, connects thousands of women to each other and to leading experts and knowledge.

So, how can you build your own community?

HerBusiness Members Yvonne Shepherd of Women’s Fitness Adventures and Margot Manning of intraining are our guests on a HerBusiness MasterClass.

We’ll be discussing:

  • What it takes to build a community
  • How to communicate to build trust and loyalty
  • The different ways to approach online vs. offline communities
  • How to energise your community and compel them to take action
  • Tools for growing your community
  • Ways to empower and involve your community members
  • How celebrating your community grows your community

Event Details

  • How to Build A Community - Turn casual followers into loyal fans
  • Speakers: Yvonne Shepherd and Margot Manning
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guests

I am the Founder and CEO of  Women’s Fitness Adventures. It is a role and a business that is a culmination of my working history and my many passions. My career spans 30 plus years in Marketing, working for some of the world’s biggest brands and household names. From food to fitness...

I am co-director of intraining Running Centre Pty Ltd in Brisbane with my husband Steve.  intraining is a running specialty business that provides services and products for runners.  Everything a runner could want, we offer… a running specialty sports store; a running injury clinic with podiatry, physiotherapy, a dietitian, pilates...