The future direction of your business has been on our mind…

As a business owner it’s important to seek advice from those who know what they’re talking about – your peers and other business professionals. HerBusiness Roundtable focus sessions are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded, passionate and successful businesswomen in a supportive, non-competitive environment. These mastermind circles give you access to support that can make a big difference to your business.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the minutiae of running a business, to get stuck and not know where to focus. And when you’re busy trying to make a business work the lack of time and energy means you don’t get a chance to reflect on challenges or to celebrate achievements. I’ve been part of a group just like these for over 20 years and know first hand that this support and guidance is crucial to staying motivated, focused and on track to your business goals

— Suzi Dafnis, CEO – HerBusiness

How these mastermind focus sessions work

HerBusiness Roundtables are facilitated sessions that give you an opportunity to address and discuss business issues and to focus the direction of your business development. The HerBusiness Roundtables bring to light key issues to be brainstormed and are forums for collaboration and shared experiences in a group mentoring environment. Women business owners meet in a board-room style setting in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane four times a year. Each three-hour session has you work both individually and collaboratively to:

  • Discuss business challenges and find solutions in a confidential and supportive environment
  • Set strategic goals for the next quarter and get guidance on the action steps required to achieve the goal
  • Network and share expertise between women business owners
  • Learn about new trends in business and tools that will make running your business easier

Note: Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and places are limited.


What Our Members Say About Roundtables

“The process of sharing any questions and challenges you have with like-minded business women is extremely productive in actually moving your business forward. Articulating areas where you might be looking for advice is the first step but then you also get a variety of solutions from different perspectives. Every time I walk away from a Roundtable I have crystallised long term goals and short terms actions I can take.”

Belinda Weaver, Copywrite Matters

“It was a wonderful to share experiences and tools that have been successful or otherwise, for other members. I come away with tips that would have potentially taken me months to discover on my own. I am looking forward to the next one!”

Natasha Hawker , Employee Matters

“I like the community feel of the group. We were all willing to share the issues affecting our businesses and pitch in to help each other. I also like the accountability of publicly setting three goals for the next three months.”

Johanna Baker-Dowdell, Strawberry Communications

“Welcoming, constructive, supportive, and women-business focused environment where I felt really comfortable to share my challenges and discuss ideas with the group.”

Claire Harrison, Harrison Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How advanced in business do I need to be to benefit to the Roundtables?

The Roundtables will benefit you and your business whether you’re just new in business or have years of experience. The training and support will move YOU to the next level, no matter where you are at today.

I’m only a small business – it’s only me. IS that okay?

Many of our members work on their own in business. The Roundtables provide an opportunity to overcome the isolation and to be with others who are walking the same path and likely having the very same challenges and experiences. It’s a great way to feel part of the HerBusiness community and to get the support you need.

What happens at the Roundtables?

The Roundtables are like mastermind sessions where you can tap into a brains trust of other like-minded women and also get personal advise and support from Suzi Dafnis and the rest of the group on whatever issue is a stumbling block for you right now.

For over three hours we work ON your business using a combination of workshopping, small-group and individual sharing. And the combined experience in the room is always so full of richness (and a great resource when you spend a lot of time working on your own or with no other equals in your business).

Is there any networking?

Roundtables are a great way to make meaningful connections. Time is carved out for networking. But don’t worry – it’s not the icky type of networking that would send any introvert running for cover. Introductions are facilitated and there are opportunities for you to meet the people who are going to be most useful for you to exchange ideas with.

Will I get to promote my business?

At every Roundtable, members walk away doing business with other members. Relationships and friendships are built and these result in meaningful exchanges between members.

I’m really busy. What will I walk away with?

We often spend so much time working in our business and not enough time working ON our business – reflecting, gathering our thoughts, and getting really clear on our goals and objectives.
You’ll leave the Roundtable with:

  • New connections
  • Great ideas
  • A plan for your next 90 days in business (This is HUGELY valuable for staying on track.)
  • A feeling of being more in control of your business

Event Details

  • HerBusiness Roundtable (Online)
  • Date: 9th April, 2020
  • Time: 10.15 am for 10.30 pm - 12.30 pm AEST
  • Venue: Online

About the Guest

Hi there. I’m Suzi Dafnis, CEO at HerBusiness. My BIG passion is helping women business owners to grow and scale their business, so that they can create their ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world. Every day I am inspired by the more than 30,000 amazing women (and...