Get it Done

Is time management a big issue when it comes to being productive? Do you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do each day? Get organised once and for all with the new Get it Done online course, presented by business performance expert, Alycia Edgar.

Course Overview

Watch this two-part online course to:

  • Stop struggling to get things done every day
  • Get organised once and for all
  • Streamline your work week so that you achieve more than ever before
  • Remove the time suckers in your life
  • Say “no” to unnecessary demands on your precious time
  • Leverage your time in innovative ways
  • “Batch yourself” for maximum effectiveness
  • Plan each work week so that you go beyond “just surviving”
  • Step back from the every day “doing” so that your business grows in the long-term
  • Delegate the tasks you don’t enjoy so you have time to work on what you do best
  • Avoid common mistakes when outsourcing
  • Work with your natural body rhythms so that work becomes effortless
  • Deal with your inbox so that it’s no longer a source of stress
  • Stop being the “bottleneck” in your business
  • Avoid the “bright shiny object” syndrome (stop being distracted)

By completing the course, you will feel more in control of your business every day.

You’ll stop missing opportunities, as you will no longer be lost in all the doing. You’ll learn how to stop procrastinating and no longer feel overwhelmed and you’ll gain the time and motivation to achieve new and greater business goals and set your business on a growth track.

Course Format

  • 2 Modules: 2 x 90-minute webinars
  • Resource materials, templates and links to useful sites and tools

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Past course graduates say:

“What a fantastic course this was. The expertise and experience of the presenter and guests in your webinars and podcasts is always impeccable and I feel very fortunate to be a member. Thanks so much Alycia!”

“The whole course was fantastic! Particularly valuable content for me were the outsourcing, delegation and going off the grid tips.”

“Brilliant value presented by a wonderful young presenter.”

Good, solid advice from obvious experts.

“Good strategies to help me manage my time.”

“I was a scholarship recipient and would like to thank you for the opportunity this has given me. Even submitting the application by myself was an achievement for me!!  Thanks again.”

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  • Venue: On-Demand Course

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About the Guest

In 2005 I launched Coastal Accounting Services (now called Business Performance HQ). My previous positions were in a variety of industries such as accounting firms, investment firm, government, small and medium business in the fields of management and financial accounting as well as information systems. Apart from this professional experience,...