How to Find Your Ideal Mentor

Are you experiencing any of these scenarios?

  • You’re finding your focus is split across what feels like too many areas, and it’s a challenge know what to prioritise.
  • You’re currently spending more time working IN your business, rather than working ON your business.
  • Your business is in a growth phase.
  • You don’t have a business plan and/or a clear vision and goals for your business.
  • You do have a business plan but it doesn’t reflect your vision, or you don’t really use it as a valuable tool for your business, other than keeping it in your drawer for your bank manager.
  • You’re at the stage where you need new connections and a bigger network.
  • You need help hiring, managing and growing your team.
  • You need more sales and customers.
  • You want to take your business to the next level, whether that be moving your fledgeling business out of the spare room in your house or making the leap from a small to medium-sized business.
  • Your financial systems are not keeping up with what you need, and you want to more effectively manage and understand your cash flow, balance sheet and profit/loss.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated and could really do with the wise counsel of someone who’s already ‘been there and done that.’

Learn how you can follow the lead of people like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and 160 of Australia’s top business women, by finding a mentor to help you grow your business, get focused and achieve your vision.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • What to look for in a mentor
  • How to find the best mentor for you
  • How to get the most of out of your relationship with your mentor
  • How to know if a mentor is right for you

Plus, real-life stories from small-business owners and their tips on how to grow your business with the help of a mentor

Comments from the audience:

I loved Suzi’s honesty about her business past. She gives me hope!

Great tips on finding your ideal mentor, and identifying the differences between coach vs. mentor.”

“The theory behind the principles of mentoring was highly interesting and relevant to my personal and professional lives. A great presentation.”

“The advice given was very relevant to my current situation, and I feel this would be a wonderful thing for me.”

“It was wonderful hearing from the mentorees!”

“This webinar has really opened my eyes to the benefits of having a mentor.

Event Details

  • How to Find Your Ideal Mentor
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

Hi there. I’m Suzi Dafnis, CEO at HerBusiness. My BIG passion is helping women business owners to grow and scale their business, so that they can create their ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world. Every day I am inspired by the more than 30,000 amazing women (and...