Are you afraid of using Google Analytics because it seems too hard and you don’t understand?

Google Analytics can be a powerful tool for your business if you know how to use it correctly. It‘s a great way to ensure that the money and effort you are putting into your marketing is actually getting you real results.

Melinda Samson has been managing AdWords accounts and Google Analytics for 10 years, and she is passionate about the stats.

Her business, Click-Winning Content, is a Premier Google Partner, and she is a Google AdWords and Analytics Consultant. She loves helping business owners maximise their investments in Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to enhance their business performance.

In this Masterclass, Melinda teaches:

  • Why you should care about your Google Analytics stats
  • How to use Google Analytics properly
  • How and why to set up goals
  • The Google Analytics jargon you need to know
  • What to worry about and what is not important
  • How to know if your customers are doing what you want
  • How to know if your marketing efforts are paying off
  • How to interpret Google Analytics data
  • How Google Analytics will add value to your business

Melinda has broken up the class into seven days of bitesize tasks that make it easy to manage all the new information and truly teach you how to get the most out of Google Analytics.

Below are the times each day starts in the video to make it easier for you to go back and find what you need.

  • Day 1 : Best Practices – 4:41
  • Day 2 : What do you want your web visitors to do? – 11:36
  • Day 3 : What are your web visitors actually doing? – 17:43
  • Day 4 : How are your web visitors finding your website? – 25:22
  • Day 5 : Are your web visitors doing what you want them to? – 30:37
  • Day 6 : Are people reading your content? – 35:00
  • Day 7 : Get a Dashboard set up – 39:30

Enjoy this MasterClass and for more support, be in touch with Melinda to learn all about how she can help you implement Google Analytics and AdWords Strategies.

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Event Details

  • Fast Track Your Google Analytics Success
  • Speakers: Melinda Samson
  • Venue: On Demand

About the Guest

I help Australian business owners maximise their investment in Google AdWords & use their Google Analytics data to improve their business performance. Many of my clients have trialled a DIY approach to AdWords, soon realising it isn’t the best use of their time or the best way to make the...