If I searched for your business on the Internet, what would I find? Would I come across a website, a Facebook page, an industry directory listing? Or would I have trouble finding you at all? With more and more customers using the Internet to find products and services, a strong online presence has become an essential tool for any small business.

Marketing your business online is not always easy, or cheap. But it can be! To show you how, we’ve put together a team of experts who understand what it takes to market a small business online.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Make the most of the online environment
  • Reach new audiences through the internet
  • Establish your brand and your online presence
  • Create new directions for your business
  • Appear bigger than you are
  • Stop missing opportunities

If you’re not online, you may not exist to many customers. And, without an online presence, your business may not appear as legitimate as that of a competitor.

Comments from the audience:

Michelle Gamble knows her stuff and I always take something away from her presentations!”

“All three speakers were good, as they all spoke of their own experience, which made it more personal. Mark’s tips were good, as were the suggested websites by other speakers.”

Content was focused and had a digestible amount of information. The webinar was well presented and articulate. Every minute held my interest – no down time!”

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Event Details

  • Easy Ways to Market Your Business Online
  • Price: $59 (Login for Premium Member Discount)
  • Speakers: Michelle Gamble and Mark Baylis and Melanie Kansil
  • Venue: On-Demand

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About the Guests

Mark joined SingTel Optus in 2006. Mark has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry where he has been responsible for the strategic development and execution of successful strategies across consumer, SMB and large enterprise customer segments both in Australia and the USA. Mark currently manages the Optus...

Michelle is the Founder and Chief Angel of Marketing Angels, Australia’s leading Marketing Agency providing out-sourced Marketing Management and direction for small to medium business. Michelle is an entrepreneur who has built Marketing Angels from the ground up and worked with hundreds of small to medium businesses in the past...