The art of selling has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Today’s hectic pace demands that sales professionals (and that includes all business owners, managers and leaders) rethink their strategies and practices. We must attract, teach, convert, serve, and measure while developing an individual brand that stands for trust and expertise.

According to bestselling author John Jantsch, many of the areas that salespeople struggle with these days have long been the domain of marketers. The traditional business model dictates that marketers own the message while sellers own the relationships.

In his new book Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar, Jantsch shows how to tackle a changing sales environment, whether you’re an individual or charged with leading a sales team. Jantsch flips the usual sales approach on its head telling us that it’s no longer enough to view a salesperson’s job as closing. Today’s superstars must attract, teach, convert, serve, and measure while developing a personal brand that stands for trust and expertise.

Watch this one-hour webinar to learn:

  • Why you need to think like a marketer
  • How creating an expert platform will help you shine in sales
  • How to become an authority in your field
  • Ways to mine networks to create critical relationships within your company and among your clients
  • How to finish the sale and stay connected
  • Make referrals an automatic part of your process

Comments from the audience:

Useful and practical information.”

“A reminder that the clients that are the most profitable are worth replicating. Be clear who they are.”

“The conversation sparked ideas for followup in our business.”

So much clear info that can be put into practice immediately.”

“John gave some great hints in regards to communicating effectively with potential customers.”

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About the Guest

John Jantsch has been called the world’s most practical small business expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies. He is a marketing consultant, speaker and best selling author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, and The Referral Engine. He is the...

About the Book

Duct Tape Selling

“At the heart of it, marketing and sales have become activities that no longer simply support each other so much as feed off of each other’s activity. Sales professionals must think and act like marketers in order to completely reframe their role in the mind of the customer.” –...

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