How smart businesses use technology to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, How can small businesses increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software? ‘The Cloud’ is the answer. But what is it and how does it work?

Watch this webinar to learn what the Cloud actually is and practical examples, demonstrating the benefits that Cloud technology can bring to your business.

Demystifying the Cloud will explore:

  • What is ‘the cloud’?
  • What is all the buzz about?
  • How does ‘the cloud’ work and why is it a great tool for small business?
  • What are the benefits and rewards for your business?
  • How do you manage risk and keep your information secure?
  • How to use Cloud for managing team/tasks
  • How to securely access your information anywhere, anytime and creating a mobile and paperless environment
  • Ways to have greater flexibility and access to the latest technology with automatic updates as technology advances
  • You’ll learn how to do more without new infrastructure, staff or software.

Comments from the audience:

I enjoyed the very clear explanation of what the cloud is and the benefits to small/medium business. I appreciated the fact that speakers did not shy away from discussing the risks of cloud so that people can make an informed decision.”

“Now I know much more about what I don’t know about, the hows and the costs of migrating my small business to the cloud!

I enjoyed the opportunity to listen, in everyday plain language, to those who are knowledgeable in this area. It is a new concept for people. We have to get on-board or we will be left behind as when computers first became a household item.  Having questions answered immediately is a bonus also.

It opened my eyes to the possibilities of working in the cloud – I appreciated Paul’s assessment of the pros and cons of the cloud.”

I was pleased to hear how the Cloud has helped Mandi and the practical ways in which I can use it for my business, which is very small.  Also, [I enjoyed] the extra resources discussed and how they can be used.”

“The clarification on how cloud computing can be useful to my small business was great. Particularly good to hear how another small business is putting it to use.”

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  • Demystifying The Cloud
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  • Speakers: Paul Wallbank and Mark Baylis and Mandi Gunsberger
  • Venue: On-Demand

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About the Guest

Mark joined SingTel Optus in 2006. Mark has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry where he has been responsible for the strategic development and execution of successful strategies across consumer, SMB and large enterprise customer segments both in Australia and the USA. Mark currently manages the Optus...