This Masterclass is part of the Planning Growth Zone – one of eight zones that we found is important for every business. One of the most successful ways to grow in the area of planning is to create a solid business strategy. Our presenter, Frieda Maher, has a wealth of knowledge to share around creating a great strategy.

Frieda has spent 20 years in global business. She’s worked for large companies generating huge revenue, and over the years noticed that the same principles they were using could be applied to small business. She started Sales Performance on Demand to share these strategies with small business owners.

In this Masterclass, Frieda will uncover the secrets to business strategy. Frieda using the example of Jane’s Jewellery helps you better understand each part of the process.

In this MasterClass, Frieda shares:

  • There is not one right business strategy
  • Having a business strategy is more about the process than the plan
  • How to define your strategy
  • How to form specific business objectives
  • Some good questions to ask to align your plan with your objective
  • How to pressure test your strategy
  • What is most important in the strategy
  • How to find time to strategise
  • How to map out a really good plan

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Event Details

  • Create a Winning Strategy for Your Small Business
  • Speakers: Frieda Maher
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

Frieda’s experience began with 20 years working in global businesses across a range for industries from fast moving consumer goods, through to health care. These businesses often had hundreds or thousands of people in their sales teams, and tens or hundreds of thousands of total staff and billions of dollars...