Cold calling is an essential part of the sales and marketing growth zone, but the actual act of cold calling a potential client or customer can be a big struggle for many business owners. In fact, it’s so intimidating that many people choose to avoid doing it.

In this Masterclass, Frances Pratt – founder of Kiss to Sell – provides her expert guidance on how to confidently make various types of calls to potential clientele.

In this Masterclass, Frances shares:

  • What cold calling is
  • Why the phone seems to paralyse us
  • How to make calling easier
  • The three types of calls – hot, warm, and cold – and how they work
  • How to talk to people using the three types of calls
  • How to prepare before you pick up the phone
  • How to build a script for calling as well as leaving voicemails
  • How to approach existing clients, people who you know, and total strangers
  • How to build trust with the person that you’re calling
  • How to know if a client is the right type or ‘fit’ for the call
  • Tricky “what if” questions about cold calling someone
  • When to chit-chat with a client
  • How to find out who the decision-maker is when calling
  • What to do after the call

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“Perfect Your Pitch” Frances is great with helping people find the right words. She will work with you and show you what words to use and how to talk about your business in a way that connects you and your purpose with your target client.

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Event Details

  • Confident Cold Calling
  • Speakers: Frances Pratt
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

I am the founder of Metisan.  We are Sales Solution Architects. We help growth orientated Professional Service Teams to consistently win clients they love by helping their partners and frontline people craft and embed a client connection framework and playbook through our Metisan Client Delivery Blueprint Program delivered onsite and...