The social web has changed the way we do business forever. The future of your company is not in measured, considered responses and carefully planned initiatives. Business today is about near-instantaneous responses. It’s about doing the best you can with extremely limited information, and every customer being a reporter and every reporter being a customer. Business today is about winning and losing customers in real time, every second of every day. It’s about monumental increase in the findable commentary about our companies. Learn more in this BOOKED for Lunch webinar with Jay Baer and Amber Naslund.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Engineering a bedrock
  • Finding talent you can trust
  • How to organise your armies
  • How to answer the “NEW” telephone

Comments from the audience:

“Easy style of presenter and the explanation of the content. Examples were most useful. Enthusiasm of presenter.”

Your webinar has given me a ‘push’ to engage in the social media network to advance my business.”

“Amber was brilliant, clearly knows her stuff. The tips about ‘train for skills, hire for culture fit’, and where to go for more info about B2B social media were excellent.”

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Event Details

  • The NOW Revolution with Jay Baer and Amber Naslund
  • Price: $59 (Login for Premium Member Discount)
  • Speakers: Jay Baer and Amber Naslund
  • Venue: On-Demand

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About the Guests

Jay Baer helps businesses clone their customers. He has created five multi-million dollar companies and is a 7th-generation entrepreneur. He is the President of Convince & Convert, a consulting firm that helps the world’s most iconic brands like The United Nations, Nike, 3M, and Oracle use technology to win new...

Amber Naslund is a communications and business strategist, and the VP of Social Strategy for Radian6, a social media listening and insights platform. In her professional role, she cultivates the Radian6 brand through speaking, content creation and client strategy and support. For the past 15 years, Amber has worked with...