Website success is hard to achieve. In fact, they say 80% of websites fail to generate results. Websites are crucial to get the word out for businesses, and create leads that turn into sales.

In this MasterClass, Bianca Board, the founder of Web123 and a web and digital strategy guru will show us what it really takes to win big online. Bianca will walk you through the seven hooks you can use to convert and attract more visitors into clients, and answer some of the common questions when creating a successful website.

Listen to this MasterClass to hear more about:

  • The no.1 reason why 80% of websites fail to generate results.
  • 7 hooks that will work like magic to attract more clients
  • Three simple ways to transform your web company into benefit pack statements
  • How to create a website strategy that builds trust and inspire more leads online
  • Some helpful tips that many members look for support in
  • How to get the bottom line results from a successful website
  • The 4 fears people feel when it comes to online marketing and how to overcome it

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Event Details

  • The 7 Must-Haves That Drive More Website Sales
  • Speakers: Bianca Board
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

Bianca Board is a self-confessed perfectionist, but that’s a good thing, because as Web123’s chief designer and web strategist, she’s expert at helping small business achieve something that makes money and looks incredible without the designer price tag. With a creative streak that extends to sales, organic gardening, painting, decorating...