Throughout October at HerBusiness we are diving into the Systems Growth Zone.

We’re thrilled to have HerBusiness Network Member Kim Wright of Office Society present the 3 Easy Steps to Start Systemising your Business Masterclass.

In this MasterClass, Kim will show you:

  • 5 Common Myths that hold business owners back from systemising their business
  • The value in having systems and processes so your business hums along as it grows
  • The invisible costs to your business
  • The first 3 steps to get you easily started



Excellent presentation, Kim! Thank you! Rananda Rich

Thanks Kim, great reminders to keep my business in order.Kathryn Bothe

This is brilliant information, Kim. Thank you so much for your expertise! – Karen Davey

Beautiful! No blings, plain language and very important conceptsAna Sastrias




Systems in a Week Package: Capturing Your Most Urgent 3 – 5 Systems:

  • Systems Checklist
  • Organise Central Storage System
  • Schedule SOP Day
  • Transcribing of video recordings
  • Document processes
  • Blue print


  • Table of content
  • Easy reference
  • Links included

Contact Kim at:
To set up a consultation


Event Details

  • 3 Easy Steps to Start Systemising Your Business - with Kim Wright
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

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