Are you having trouble scaling your business with new team members? Are you on the brink of hiring a new team member, and want to know beforehand how to avoid the headaches and expenses that can come from not doing things right? Crafting a quality onboarding system is a critical place to start.

Claire Harrison is the founding MD of Harrison Human Resources and author of “The CEO Secret Guide to Managing and Motivating Employees.” She believes that all people deserve to be happy at work, even the boss. In this MasterClass, Claire gives her expert advice on creating an onboarding process that ensures your staff members are welcomed into your company smoothly and can hit the ground running with their work.

In this MasterClass, Claire explains:

  • 3 steps of content you need to onboard new team members, and how and when this content is best delivered for maximum effect
  • Why it’s so important to have a solid onboarding process
  • Which parts of the onboarding process are most important to explain to new staff early, and why it matters
  • What materials and meetings you need to have set up before your new team member’s day one
  • Which parts of the onboarding process should be done face-to-face, and what can be done with documents and videos
  • Why it’s so important for the company CEO to keep a finger on the pulse of new staff onboardings even as a company expands
  • What aspects of workplace culture you need to let your team know about right off the bat
  • How to keep a new worker from slacking off
  • How to design an onboarding process to be less time-intensive
  • And more!

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Event Details

  • 3 Steps to Effectively Onboarding a New Team Member
  • Speakers: Claire Harrison
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

Claire Harrison is the Founder and Managing Director of Harrison Human Resources, a flourishing HR consulting business that has sprouted from Claire’s passionate belief that attracting and retaining superstar employees is the key success factor to any business.   With over 20 years’ experience, Claire has worked as a HR...