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Get More Leads and More Sales, Even If You Don't Have a Big Budget!
"How To Generate More Leads Online" - With
Suzi Dafnis

  • Watch this training to learn: 15 powerful ways to generate leads; Where to find your ideal clients (and what will draw them to you); What offers work best to generate leads; Why Social Media is an awesome place to generate leads and so much more.
  • What others say:
    "Structured and easy to follow."

    "Extremely informative and fast paced."
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Want more customer referrals?
"How To Get More Referrals, Testimonials and Customer Reviews" - With Dale Beaumont

  • Watch this training to learn: Customer referrals, testimonials and reviews are a powerful way to market your business by word-of-mouth. Many small businesses lack a system for gathering good news from customers ongoingly and leveraging customer stories to produce future sales and goodwill.  In this training you will learn:
    - How to encourage customer referrals
    - How To build testimonials into your sales cycle
    - When to incentivise referrals and when not to use them
    - Tips for increasing customer referrals and so much more.
  • What others say: 
    “Dale provided some great, practical tips/advice on generating customer testimonials. Love the google alert tip - will be using that from now on!”

    “I'm going to start using Dale's approach to asking clients for feedback, and referrals - systematically...”
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Marketing Budget "non-existant"? Here's How You Can Get Results Even on a Shoestring...
"Marketing on a Shoestring" - Suzi Dafnis, Michelle Falzon, Mathew Beeche

  • Watch this training to learn: 

    Many small businesses have tight (or non-existent) marketing budgets. However, when times are tough, it’s even more important to keep your business brand front and centre.

    This webinar shows you 10 ways to market your business on a shoe-string budget, including
    - cost effective ways to raise awareness
    - how to sell more to your existing customers
    - easy ways to get referrals
    - social media secrets
    - and how to leverage free tools.

  • What others say:
    “There was a lot of actionable information provided in a concise and lively manner. It was fast paced and really well done.”

    “Great knowledge and information was shared by the presenters.”
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Wondering How To Find Customers MOST LIKELY To Buy From You?
"From Pitch To Purchase" - With Vivienne Kane and Frances Pratt

  • Watch this training to learn: Who to speak to about your product and what to say; Ways to refine your message and which keywords are most likely to engage your customers and persuade them to buy; The pathway that takes your ideal client through your business from pitch to purchase; Messages that will make prospects lean in and take notice.
  • What others say:
    "Content was fantastic and extremely relevant to the activities I am currently working on." 

    "I learnt that it's perfectly normal to find sales a bit daunting and I received some practical advice to overcome that."
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Need to make your business more profitable?
"Profit First" - With Michael Michalowicz

  • Watch this training to learn: A simple system to transform any business from a cash-eating monster, to a money-making machine, including:
    - how to take profit first without compromising your business
    - the myth that keeps you selling more and profiting less
    - the age-old accounting formula that is turning your great business into a cash-eating monster - and what to do about it
  • What others say:
    "The presentation and information was realistic to the sole trader and dealt with issues of money and struggles that you may not ordinarily hear. It was also pertinent to different levels/sizes of business. Fantastic presenter in Michael."

    "Really appreciated the truthfulness of hearing that many other businesses are in the same boat. It made me realise that paying myself a wage is a priority, and that I started my business to offer great products to my customers and make a living out of it too."

    And so much more!

    There are 170+ trainings in the Online Learning Centre
    and you can watch them whenever and wherever you want for a full 30 days during Summer School.

    Plus, you have the flexibility to start whenever you want.
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170+ Online Workshops Valued $10,030
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HerBusiness Has Helped Me Educate Myself

The information and education provided by HerBusiness has really helped me educate myself about everything I need to know to run a successfull business.

Michelle Gamble, Marketing Angels


The Resources and Support are Wonderful

Just wanted to say the resources and support provided through HerBusiness are wonderful. Joining HerBusiness has been one of the best things I've done this year - so thank you!

Anne Sorensen, Marketing Is Us


One of the Best Moves I Made in My First Year of Business

Joining HerBusiness was one of the single-best moves I made in my first year of business.

Rebecca Wallace, Launch Recruitment



170+ x Trainings Valued $10,030 
Now Only $147