About Me - My Biography

I coach confident communication and help people connect through video, leadership and public speaking skills.

I have done this through my company, Forte Presence Consulting, mainly with organisational psychologists and large organisations. A year ago I started Video Confident, where I coach in presenting to video and sharing your message for personal brands and small businesses.

I am a professional singer, and I clearly remember my first performances being absolutely terrifying! This led to a lot of dedicated research into performance confidence which I taught to singers for many years at tertiary level.

I have spoken and coached for major companies (Nike, Envato) and in the music world (Mushroom Music, Festival of Voices). I draw on over two decades of teaching voice and performance, songwriting, dance and choreography.

My debut album was recorded with members of Paul Kelly’s band, and I was mentored by Berklee’s lyric writing professor, Pat Pattison (he taught John Mayer and Gillian Welch.) My big challenge now is to finish writing and recording a follow-up!

I have a passion for building people’s confidence and self-expression.  I love the magic of performance, and as a nerd at heart, I love researching the science behind the magic, and sharing those secrets.

My Expertise

Bringing out people’s ability to connect, lead and persuade through communication. I help people find the colour in their ideas, and give them tools they can use to craft presentations, video posts and pitches.

The thing I love about coaching for video is that there are a lot of parallels with songwriting. A song is a three minute screen-play that has to appeal to the ear rather than the eye, and our goal is to connect with the audience.

I have researched in the area of nonverbal communication and applied that to what I know from the performance world. I often work with organisational psychologists with women in leadership to work on their voice and presentation. I have coached voice for twenty years, and still love helping people be heard.


My Passions

  • I’m passionate about helping people build their confidence and ability to connect.
  • Building self-esteem in learning contexts, there’s a whole wave of positive psychology inspired tools and information that help us to be better educators, leaders and communicators, and I love learning about it and putting that into practice.
  • Music, performance, creativity. I love performing and especially improvising.
  • Dancing – everything to do with movement is a joy. I studied contemporary dance at Deakin Uni and still love dance at every chance!
  • Travel and learning about other cultures. I toured South East Asia as a musician a few years ago, and it was such a privilege.
  • Language and literature. I love a good book, and love languages. I majored in Spanish language at literature along with English literature with a writing specialisation. Words are wonderful. And I can order a jug of sangria fluently.

My Interests

Animals, and animal welfare. I have a fiesty Bengal cat, Sacha and a kooky Beagle cross collie dog, Jasper.

I volunteer at Lort Smith Animal hospital in their kennels once a fortnight. There is a lot to learn about dog behaviour – and a lot of poo to clean up! But it’s very rewarding knowing you have given them a walk, and some comfort while they are waiting to get their ‘forever home.’

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help you be more confident and connected in your communication- whether that’s through one-on-one, group presentations or video coaching.

I hope I can also help by being a contributing member to the  HerBusiness community.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Because it is a brilliant community of inspiring women who support each other, and a great source of actionable information. I’ve learned so much from the courses, and especially the Roundtables where I’ve been given great advice, and ideas for directions- as well as being able to share the less fun challenges of running a business. I’ve met some great people and been inspired to put together programs.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Currently I have a 10% discount for HerBusiness members for an upcoming  Video Confident Workshop on May 27 at the Dream Factory in Footscray.There will be more discounts to come on group workshops and online training. Stay tuned!