About Me - My Biography

I help doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects and other professional service providers to attract and acquire new customers through digital channels.

“One morning in September 2002, a few weeks after participating in a London design tradeshow, I opened my email inbox and was welcomed by more than the usual number of web inquiries. In fact, quite a lot more. All of them from US based people wanting to know where they could buy our Australian Design award winning chair.”

It turned out that a writer for a prestigious New York design magazine had seen our chair in London and included it in her Design100. Fantastic publicity but we only just launched in Europe and didn’t have US distribution in place. Necessity is the mother of all invention. I discovered the transformative power of the internet and, in very short time, my fledging business became an eCommerce company that was shipping product around the world.

Without the internet (it was really still very early days then), I would not have been able to capitalize on this publicity and it would have taken significantly longer to grow my business.

I love technology and all things digital. Coupled with an enthusiasm for marketing and growing businesses, it is why I started Brite Kite Marketing. Since then I have been working with a select group of companies to help them make better use of digital channels to grow their business.

My Expertise

I help practitioners and providers of professional services fill their appointment books and business pipelines with highly targeted leads.

My Passions

All things digital!

My Interests

Most weekends you will find me sailing on beautiful Sydney Harbour. I also love hiking and have recently taken up running. Weekends are time to indulge in lazy breakfasts and catching up with friends. On a rainy day you will probably find me curled up with a book or watching a film at Verona in Paddington.

How I Can Help Other Members

Getting your business up and running, let alone keeping it going, can be a lonely business. So do give me a shout, if you are stuck or just want to soundboard. I’ve just read coffee has fantastic health benefits so buy (or brew) me a cuppa and I’m all ears :-).

If you provide professional services and need someone to help you with your digital marketing strategy and lead generation campaigns, we should have a chat.


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I’ve been a member, on and off, since the nineties! Ouch!

Her BusinessBusiness under Suzi’s leadership has been and continues to be a wonderful educational resource for so many women. I love the entrepreneur roundtables. It is a great way to tap into a fantastic brain trust. If you have never attended one, book yourself in for the next one!

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Are you practitioner or professional services provider who wants to get active in the digital space but you don’t have the expertise or resources to get get started? Why not book a free consultation. I will review your website, give you some actionable tips and suggestions and, if we think there is fit between your digital needs and my services, we can take it further.