About Me - My Biography

After graduating university, Suzanne spent three years travelling around the world, doing a wide variety of jobs from waitressing to freelance writing to a magician’s assistant. On returning to London, Suzanne began her career in publishing as Editor for a range of magazines and books. From there, she moved into Public Relations and then Marketing, working across several disciplines, including communications, brand management, direct marketing, events, advertising and online.

Marketing communications has been a strong feature of Suzanne’s career throughout. In 2004, Suzanne joined MYOB and heads up the marketing function across Australia and New Zealand. MYOB has grown from a very small business to an ANZ enterprise, helping over a million businesses with software, services and support designed to make business life easier.

About MYOB

MYOB started out over 20 years ago with a clear vision… to make business life easier. Because running a business isn’t always easy, and most people don’t start one so they can deal with accounts or worry about a website, MYOB sees that as their job. MYOB helps businesses of all kinds and sizes, delivering software and services that simplify accounting, payroll, client management, websites and much more.

MYOB provides people with the tools to run a great business, so that they can focus on what they do best. MYOB is proud to support and work with over 1 million Aussie and Kiwi businesses – making their business life easier.