My Connection Statement

I make social media content marketing easy and fun for eco-aware women entrepreneurs who have a creative services business who can’t find the time and strategy to show up, engage or create traction on social media.

I bridge the gap between their message, social media content, graphics and the problem they solve for their ideal clients, through my ‘Presence with Purpose’ programs.

About Me - My Biography

Hi there. I’m Sonali, CEO at Sonali P.

My big passion is supporting women business owners thrive on social media so they have time for their passions while still showing up for their peeps.

I love designing, organising and experimenting. So it’s no surprise that I fell in love with social media marketing. For me, marketing is about showing up and experimenting, analysing, refining and showing up again.

But my story didn’t start with marketing. My story started in India twenty years ago when I completed a graphic and web design course. Seven years into corporate life, I realised the 9 to 5 (or literally 24/7) was not for me. I got married, quit my full-time job and started freelancing. It was amazing how quickly projects started flowing my way and I worked with some pretty good people in multinational financial & IT companies for over 10 years.

Then we moved to Australia in October 2016 and saying my life changed would be a huge understatement.

I had worked in marketing all my life and loved designing for print. But in moving to social media I found a new way of using my talents. I still love graphic design but I am a graphic designer who can audit your brand and social media presence, and support you with content marketing, offers and graphics.

I am an ambivert and a Cancer through and through. I’m all heart. I love to give. I’m also very cautious because I don’t want to get hurt. But in the online world, I feel less hesitant to be myself.

I love to learn, I love to understand, I love to share, and I truly do what I love, every day. Because I don’t know any other way to be, other than being my genuine self.