My Connection Statement

I deliver and monitor exercise programs for people who have had a heart surgery or diagnosis to regain their confidence by using face-to-face individual and group exercise classes.


About Me - My Biography

As the Director and Lead Exercise Physiologist at Heart Health and Fitness, Dr Nikky loves exploring new ways to serve her patients. From starting new group class types to establishing the Strong Hearts program, she is always on the look out to improve the way cardiac rehab is delivered.

While going through her undergraduate degree in exercise physiology she decided that the challenges and complexities of cardiovascular rehab were where she wanted to be. But getting a job in cardiac rehab in Perth isn’t that easy. She managed to secure a casual position working in the Cardiac Rehab Gym at Fiona Stanley Hospital while she completed her Honours and then PhD studies focussing on blood flow responses to various forms of exercise. Towards the end of her PhD she was offered an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. She knew she wanted to run a business but thought it would be further down the track.

Heart Health and Fitness has been steadily growing for the past 2 years with a lot more growth over the previous 12 months. She would love to have 10 clinics around Western Australia by 2030. Dr Nikky wants to expand her mission s she can help as many people as possible live their life limited only by their imagination and not some perceived inability or restriction.

My Expertise

I love finding new and easier ways to do things (since I’m inherently lazy)

Creatively find new solutions to problems (e.g. getting someone to exercise regularly when they think they don’t like exercise)

Scientific writing, scientific research and critical appraisal of studies

Project and time management

Presentation and speaking skills (to various population such as general population, patients, health professionals and academics)


My Passions

All kinds of movement and exercise, especially hiking, dancing and exploring new places

Helping others find an activity or exercise they can be passionate about and enjoy

Helping people improve their confidence and ability to move better and with less effort

Educating people of the benefits of exercise (both in general and for heart health) and a balanced mind body approach to life

Helping others realise their physical potential then breaking through and finding a new sense of accomplishment they never thought possible

My Interests

Being out in nature and being active

Spending time with my dogs and my family

Exploring new places


How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members:

-stay focussed and positive

-learn how to read and critically appraise scientific literature then bring it back to “normal” language to convey to others

-with presentation and speaking skills as well as how to get through the fear of public speaking

-project and time management to achieve goals


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I joined this network to:

1. Build a trusted and reliable network of like-minded women
2. Learn how to create a scaleable business
3. Develop my confidence and skills to promote my message effectively
4. Help others achieve their goals by providing my skills and expertise (once I figure out what they are – some are listed above)