About Me - My Biography

Communication. Clear. Well thought out. Creatively delivered. Essentially, that’s what we do. As our name suggests, we seek to understand and convey the points of view (or paradigms) that you want to communicate. We have a wealth of experience in a range of communication mediums including film, video, internet, print and audio. Combine that with our extensive marketing and business management skills and you have a unique and powerful addition to your corporate or creative team.

My Expertise

I help business owners, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants to create online marketing funnels that convert, using strategic content that adds value, builds an amazing tribe and establishes authority. It is possible to create content that sells without being overly salesy… in fact, people will want to buy from you as a natural “next step” in the process when you do your content marketing right.

My Passions

Writing, building businesses, supporting people with world-changing ideas, creating great stuff, collaborating with people who are making the world a better place by being here.

My Interests

Poetry, reading great literature, hanging out with my kids, gardening and early morning walks with my husband.

How I Can Help Other Members

Digital Sales Funnels
Develop a complete digital sales funnel, from lead generation through to conversion.

Branding & Positioning
Build your authority and amplify your influence by having a clear, impactful brand presence and by packaging and positioning your Intellectual Property (IP).

Content Generation
I can help you create conversion-optimised content – books, videos, online courses, websites, models, ebooks, webinars, quizzes… and more that is strategically positioned to sell – “no content without conversion” :)


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Because I love the work that Suzi and the team do and I feel that this community is my “tribe”.

I’ve been a member for years and I love it!