About Me - My Biography

Melanie Kansil is co-founder and CEO of Customer Underground. The company is about to launch its innovative mobile customer engagement platform, BoomVox.

Before starting Customer Underground with three friends, Melanie was a management consultant with global management consultancy McKinsey & Company, both in New York and Sydney, as well as in her own practice. Her focus on lean operations as a consultant helped develop her passion for good service, and an insight into the challenges that organisations face in delivering it.

Melanie has an MBA from Stanford University, and an AB in Physics from Harvard University; she is Secretary of the Stanford Australia Association and a Non-Executive Director of Heathley Asset Management Limited.

About Customer Underground

Customer Underground is an online platform dedicated to helping customers share information and businesses engage with customers. The company is about to launch its innovative mobile customer engagement platform, BoomVox, which allows retailers to tap into their customers’ views in real time, to amplify their brand ambassadors, and to convert foot traffic into sales.

In addition to the mobile platform, Customer Underground has a website which allows customers to share their views on businesses to find the gems – and dodge the bullets. The company was founded in 2009 by four friends with top business and creative talent and a passion for good service; it recently closed its first round of external investment.

Customer Underground believes good service is better for all – customers and businesses. The company’s mission is to improve the customer experience by empowering customers and by allowing businesses and customers to engage with each other more effectively.