About Me - My Biography

Drawing from her background in business, psychology, and executive coaching, along with her diverse personal experiences, Margie Warrell is passionate about challenging people globally to expand their vision, rethink risk, engage in bigger conversations and stop playing so safe.

Bestselling author of Find Your Courage, Margie is an experienced media commentator who has contributed to leading media outlets including The Today Show, FOX News, CNN, Sunrise, and CNBC. A columnist for Forbes, her advice has also featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Sunday Telegraph and O Magazine. Margie has co-authored other books with renowned experts Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, John Gray and Jack Canfield. Her other book, Stop Playing Safe, was released by Wiley in March 2013.

Founder of Global Courage, Margie is passionate about empowering other women to become stronger leaders with their organisations, community and society. An ICF certified executive life coach, sought after speaker and facilitator, Margie has had the honor of being the keynote speaker at many conferences internationally such as the UN Foundation’s Women Leading the Future Conference and Accenture’s International Women’s Day global symposium. Other organisations Margie has provided leadership, communication and “Courage Building” programs to include Hitachi, AOL, NASA, Bechtel, British Telecom, United Healthcare, ExxonMobil, Best Buy, and Ernst & Young.

A mum of four, Margie does her best to walk her talk when it comes to living boldly. Since her childhood growing up the big sister of seven on a diary farm in rural Australia, Margie has stepped outside her comfort zone many times. Embracing a spirit of adventure, Margie has worked and travelled the world extensively, often venturing far off the beaten track in countries from Algeria to Papua New Guinea. In 2012 Margie and her family relocated back to Australia after over a decade based in the USA so her children can lay down ‘Aussie roots’ and enjoy more time on “Grandpa’s farm.”

For more information about Margie’s most popular programs, videos, and other resources please visit her website www.margiewarrell.com.