My Connection Statement

I propel women in the transformational coaching & creative service-based industry to transform their business vision into reality. My one on one Transformational Turnaround consultation and personalised programs will reveal hidden strengths and growth zones to provide a successful business blueprint for you and your business.

About Me - My Biography

Author, Entrepreneur, Medical Intuitive, Business Success Clairvoyant & Co-Founder- The College of Intuition. 

Kim has spent the last fifteen years consulting for a diverse range of clients all over the world who seek assistance with, business, personal life and spiritual well-being. It has not always been easy to have the ‘gift’ of second sight accepted into a world that values fact and logic above all else.

Kim’s ability did not go unnoticed. As a child, she repeatedly shared specific information about health, life decisions that left adults either curious or running away.

Like many children with such abilities, her parents encouraged not to discuss what she saw or felt but this would be very difficult. How can you stop being yourself?  Thankfully at age eight, she was enrolled in a self-defence class. It would be here that Kim would receive her first lesson on meditation from an understanding teacher. The teacher was a master of Kung Fu and recognised Kim’s ability. He explained that was she saw he was in fact, like looking into a large room with many corridors. Some can only see one corridor and therefore do not consider that there may be options. Others like you can see all of the entrances and where they lead. This was to be the beginning of a life long journey into understanding what is known to be psychic, spiritual, intuitive ability.

Today Kim has 3000 private consultations under her belt and is the co-owner of The College of Intuition with husband Ben Sowter.

My Expertise

Kim is a certified Medical Intuitive – finding the cause of physical, emotional and mental dis-ease, altering the pathway of the dysfunction to promote healing on all levels and regain health.

Kim is the creator of the Map of Life consultation.  The Map of Life looks deeply at current issues,  what has caused the emotional, physical, mental pattern leading to the current predicament. Provides the solution to re-balancing the individual and a strategy to change the pattern, promoting a shift with life circumstances.

Inspired by the insights and accuracy of many readings about business, Kim created the – Business Success Sessions for a service-based business. The sessions look deeply at the entire business to provide critical insights that will avoid costly mistakes, delays, and missed opportunities. The outcome inspires & re-purposes the individual to provide strategies that will propel business and the goals of the business owner.  

Current Professional Member :

  • International Association of Medical Intuitive
  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
  • Spiritualist National Union International

How I Can Help Other Members

I love to help others and I do this by being able to use my clairvoyant ability. I can weirdly tune into the motivation behind people’s dreams and see their potential. I also see their self-doubt, concerns and, EVERYTHING!

There is a solution to every problem and I am an expert with asking the Universe the right questions. I can help members to streamline their promotions, scale their business, come up with fantastic names for programs and courses. On a personal level, I can also assist members to see what opportunities are right there and if the self-doubt or fears kick in I can help to shift that angle too.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I have found in HerBusiness, a networking group that is authentic with the ups and downs of business. Consisting of fantastic genuine people who are not just about promoting themselves but wanting to participate with all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and friendships.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Transformational Turnaround strategy session.

A strategy session is the chance to really talk about what your motivation is, how your creative self developed a business and where would you like it to take you. I love to get to know the person behind the business.

Together we will look at:

  • What short / long term goals you want to achieve in business
  • Your vision for life and how the business will play a part in this
  • Current limitations that are preventing goals from being achieved
  • Concerns with business

We will also be looking at your overall journey with business and how this fits in with your life plan. If the business is not providing satisfaction on a personal level, then there is a problem. I will give a strategy to bring both business and life back into balance.

The session will also include an outline of what may be potential risks and demonstrate opportunities that can accelerate your path towards success.

Don’t worry about location. I use Zoom. Sit back, grab a cuppa and lets get strategizing.

Would you like to take up the offer?  contact me at Don’f forget to  mention HerBuisness.