My Connection Statement

I help brilliant creative quiet women build vibrant, joyful and sustainable careers that have impact, momentum and meaning.

I do this through my online courses and group coaching.

About Me - My Biography

Dr Katy Abbott is forensically curious about what makes us tick.  Katy is a nationally recognised Australian composer who gives voice to those without a voice.  Her music explores our passions, fears and motivations using contemporary musical flavours in traditional musical settings. Musing on the concepts of connection, place and humour, Abbott’s compositions are performed, published and recorded around the world.  With 5 solo albums and a potful of awards and prizes, she is also a sought after educator and mentor #theartistsmentor

My Expertise

My expertise is in being able to capture the essence of something – to gently bring to the surface the things we feel and know but do not consciously acknowledge.  I do this in my music composing work but I also do this through Dinner For Breakfast in online courses, mentoring, teaching and coaching; helping students and clients get underneath people-pleasing, traumatic decision making to capture the essence of their inklings and yearning to create business or creative practices that deeply match ‘them’. Helping women have their own voice so they can help others’ use their voice. And so on.

I also have a flourishing composing practice where my work is internationally recognised as giving voice to those that do not have one in my Hidden Thoughts(TM) series.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

If a member has a decision, condundrum or personal/professional tangle – I would like to help by offering a one-to-one 60-minute session for $199 instead of the usual $350. Together, through asking just the right questions, I will help you find – what you most likely already know – a meaningful and  sustainable way forward. Email me directly: hello at