About Me - My Biography

Kate Tribe is the founder and Managing Director of Tribe Research, an innovative and creative company focusing on accessible ways for business, non-profit and government sectors to grow from a better understanding of their tribe.

Tribe Research aims for customers to explore their tribes of clients, customers, suppliers and staff, to uncover their views, and drive change in each clients business. Kate understands that as leaders of an organisation you need to be clear-headed about your marketing and business planning priorities and has made this a primary focus of Tribe Research’s solution. Kate believes that getting to know your tribe should be an enjoyable journey of discovery that gives you a clear head and direction to move forward, to drive change in the right direction.

My Expertise

After having Tribe Research for two decades, I’m utilising the skills to grow a tribe of musicians and audience that love a range of wonderful music being performed in unique spaces all around Australia.

My Passions

Exploring, uncovering, driving change, information, technology, small business, classical music, creating and supporting tribes.

My Interests

Data, cricket, city living, cooking, reading

How I Can Help Other Members

Classical music is a wonderful form of entertainment, it is being performed all over the place with affordable concerts that are friendly with great quality music. Find a concert near you or get your music promoted.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

The ABN is a passionate supporter of businesswomen and owners. They have developed a great community of women nationally that are passionate about business and business growth.