About Me - My Biography

Karen Bleakley is the founder and editor of SmartStepstoAustralia.comthe magazine-style blog that helps families with big dreams move to Australia and create a life they love.

The online content, digital products and supportive free Facebook communities (Move to Australia and Thrive in Australia) take the stress out of relocating across the world and provide travel and lifestyle inspiration to help families thrive.

Karen is a columnist and travel writer for Australia and New Zealand magazine, she is obsessed with the beach lifestyle and she lives in Moreton Bay, Queensland with her husband and three kids. 

SmartStepstoAustralia.com brings together everything a family needs for a successful relocation and resettlement with inspiring and practical content about migration, lifestyle and travel.


Through the migration blog and a free Facebook group, Karen supports families as they apply for their visas by providing helpful content and recommending reliable migration services to make the move easier. She also sells digital products to help with the admin and mindset around relocating to Australia.


As a writer, Karen loves to share the story of Australian brands with her readers.

Moving to Australia is just the start of the adventure – when you move to a new country, everything is new and it can be overwhelming trying to navigate everything from supermarket shopping to buying clothes, from choosing an energy supplier to getting used to how to order coffee here!

Karen partners with brands through sponsored posts, reviews and affiliate promotions to help readers discover and build trust with new services, products and experiences.

There is also a free Facebook group to support families in their new home. 


As a travel writer for a magazine, Karen loves to travel, share her experiences and write about the travel opportunities on offer in Australia for families. Families are moving here for a new life and a big part of this is about exploring and having adventures. 


My interests
My big loves in life are reading, writing, music and films. Travel is a really important part of my life, and I love exploring with my husband and three kids.

Running an online business gives me the flexibility to be around for my kids while also satisfying my creative need to write every day. I find it so rewarding playing a small part in helping families to achieve their dreams of moving across the world and seeing how facing that challenge helps them to grow and move beyond their comfort zones.

If you’re a brand interested in finding out about collaborating, please pop over to my Work With Me page and have a look at my media kit