My Connection Statement

I help live music venues, engaged couples and top quality musicians.

I help engaged couples who are struggling to find and book the ultimate wedding entertainer to save time, energy and money by providing a comprehensive directory of quality entertainment options.

And I help professional musicians who want to get significantly more bookings, and attract better paying gigs by providing affordable industry specific directory advertising packages and performance opportunities.



About Me - My Biography

A ‘Jill’ of all trades, with a career across many varied Industries, I’ve carved a career in the music industry through my agency Primal Entertainment the last 21 years, and mostly loved every moment. From managing the careers of Phil Emmanuel and other bands, to helping young up and coming original songwriters navigate some of the difficulties of the Industry; it’s been a ride.

Not content with just one business, I created 2 ‘sister’ businesses: Music For My Wedding and the newest sister – Wedding Musician Directory to keep myself busy. Each of the businesses have different functions, but they all (obviously) focus around beautiful, talented musicians and the places in which they perform.

I’m a passionate learner and sharer, and like to see people smile. Especially if I’ve been able to help them find a gorgeous entertainer for their wedding or venue, (or with a silly joke or friendly smile).

Always immersed in something creative from a very young age, I feel most ‘at home’ and happiest when I have the space to mentally wander and create new opportunities. These days the ‘wandering’ is mostly about marketing ideas for how I can help artists and venues achieve greater followings, rather than focus on my own businesses. But given the last 12 months, it’s now a definite priority.

I have an ear for a great artist, and can match an act to an event with ease. And I’m so looking forward to more live music events in 2021 and seeing the Industry recover, so that we can all enjoy seeing these creative souls on stage again.



My Expertise

My expertise mainly focuses around music.

Helping venues create entertainment schedules that fill rooms and increase revenue.

Providing opportunities for dynamic artists to perform at well paid events.

And I help engaged couples, excited for their wedding day, to choose an artist who can encapsulate their journey together into a musical performance they’ll always remember.

But far from being one-dimensional, I also have expertise in WP websites, video creation, corporate admin and the fashion industry as a patternmaker and grader.


My Passions

I’m passionate about family and friends. Helping where I can to make their lives easier and to share in their experiences.

I’m passionate about the music industry; about helping create opportunities for beautiful, talented people who need to be heard in the world.

Most people would say I’m passionate about talking. I prefer to say I have a lot of stories for a short person ;)


My Interests

I can be a bit of a ‘nerd’ when it comes to interests. My business self loves learning about marketing and social media trends, and new thoughts and ways of doing things. I enjoy coming up with ideas for other peoples businesses that help them achieve their goal.

The non-business me loves to get into the garden and connect with Mother Nature. I also enjoy abseiling, and seeing live entertainment. Bushwalking and laying in the sunshine watching the clouds scud across the sky (thanks Bryce Courtenay). Mosaics, pottery and painting are also interests that stir my creativity.

There’s also the me that enjoys the old crafts, passed down to me by my Mum, from her Mum and Grandmother. The simple things like crocheting, knitting and… I still have to master tatting.

Most of all, I love to laugh. And hearing others laugh. I’m a crying-laugher, and there’s nothing more precious to me than being with family and seeing us all with tears streaming down our cheeks from talking about something funny. Perhaps you can make me cry laughing sometime too :)

Oh, did I mention I also home brew cider?


How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members add value to their events with beautiful entertainment and provide advice and guidance on entertainment related issues.

I can also help members who are in the music or wedding industries by sharing content and introducing you to my audiences.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I joined the HerBusiness network to help me rebuild my business, with more meaning and better than it was prior to Covid. I’m also looking forward to meeting and connecting with like-minded women who have a passion for helping their clients.

I’m interested in building and nurturing strong alliances and a sense of community, and look forward to lifting up and supporting other women in the business journey.