About Me - My Biography

Celina Tonkin,  is a powerful Coach who has combines her 15 years experience as Hypnotherapist, Nero-Linguistic Programming Trainer and an Expert Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, to successfully coach and empowered hundreds of people to move from being stuck in dysfunctional personal and business relationships, overeating, debt, poverty mentality, to having freedom and power in these areas.

Celina’s passion is working with otherwise persistent and difficult issues and developing and utilising proven programs to facilitate powerful results in these areas.

Her flagship program “The Missing Link,” is an extension of the program “EFT and Food Cravings,” designed by her friend and Mentor, Dr Peta Stapleton, who is an Associate Professor at Bond University and the leading world researcher in EFT and weight management.

She has also co-written a book, with Dr Peta Staleton, “EFT for Introverts,” to enable Introverts to emerge from hiding and show up powerfully in this world all the while feeling safe and congruent to their own values.