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At Mindxcite® we help leaders to be more effective communicators and to have powerful conversations that connect and build trust with others. We do this through our online Coaching Clinic that shows leaders how they can effectively use a coach approach in their everyday conversations in the workplace to improve employee engagement and wellbeing.

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At Mindxcite® we specialise in executive coaching for women leaders and emerging leaders who want clarity and new perspectives to inform future directions. Women leaders face many challenges in their quests for seniority, success and work-life balance. Many will also relate to the experience of occasional crises of confidence or self-limiting beliefs during the career development process. Sometimes they just find themselves feeling a bit overwhelmed and fragmented.

MindXcite® works with executive women to help them achieve clarity of vision for their professional and personal goals, and to develop action plans that move them forward in achieving these objectives. Energies can then be directed towards those areas identified as important to their sense of personal growth, accomplishment and balance in life.

MindXcite® was started to provide personal coaching to leaders and emerging leaders based on current best evidence-based practice from psychology, neuroscience and leadership performance. With over 25 years experience as a psychologist, I am skilled at inspiring clients to value their strengths, build resilience and incorporate the principles and practice of mindfulness into their personal and professional lives.

Specialty Areas: Leadership; Performance; Work/life Balance; Managing Stress; Managing Life/Career Transitions

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