My Connection Statement

I help women harness their passion for beautiful homemaking
to replace their income either now or on retirement with renovating.
I provide  online training, mentoring and community through our Wonder Women Program

About Me - My Biography

I am an. obsessed renovator, yummy granny and serious tea drinker.

I did my first renovation at 13 ,it was the 70s and the highlight was the feature wallpaper in 70s style swirls of navy, lime and white. Conquering my dull bedroom was a defining moment in my life. I felt powerful

Since then renovating has become my metaphor for transforming an uninspired life.

I’ve solved life’s little problems with renovating; it enabled me to:

  • stay home to raise our four children,
  • to not have to answer to a boss,
  •  give our children $100k towards a deposit by doing a project together rather than it coming out of our pocket.
  • to help family & friends
  • to prepare for retirement
  • pay for weddings & epic family holidays.
  • be financially independent

I do 2-3 project myself each year.

Through School Of Renovating I am able to provide renovation training and mentoring and more importantly a community of like minded women I would have loved myself when I started out.

Most of the women are financially disadvantaged due to gender bias in the workforce, having sacrificed career progression to raise children,  being unlucky in love or having little or no superannuation.

Having the capacity to turn your flair for home making into profit not only improves your financial situation, it helps make you feel more visible and more powerful and completely inspired.

Especially when you do it with the support of like minded women who get you and what you are trying to achieve.

My Expertise

Originally a Registered Nurse
Have been renovating for 35 years
I have developed a system for producing $100,000 profit per project .

Experienced in:

  • Structural renovating
  • Cosmetic renovating
  • Subdivision
  • Small development
  • Airbnb

Podcast Host : She Renovates Podcast

Keynote Speaker : How To Leverage The Equity In Your Home To Build Wealth Renovating

Author: Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed

My Passions