How Hiring and Firing Builds a Better Business

Click to download the interview   In this herBusiness podcast interview with the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, Natasha Hawker discusses how businesses that build high performing teams have increased profit, increased customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and an increased ability to attract employees. Natasha emphasises the importance of employees: they are a lever for your business, with the potential to make your business grow faster than ever before to become more successful. Natasha gives practical advice that all business owners will benefit from: There is strength in collective wisdom so when building a team, hire people better than you Invest time in setting up contracts – when trouble arises, you’ll need them Be an authentic leader – you’re not expected to be everything to everyone. Showing some weakness is a sign of strength Bad performance shouldn’t be tolerated as it impacts on productivity as well as company morale. Small businesses cannot afford employees who are not up to standard so it’s vital to performance manage people out of your business Conduct exit interviews – employees are more likely to share information … Continue reading How Hiring and Firing Builds a Better Business