Market research is a necessary component of your strategy whether you are developing new products and services, expanding and growing, or just wondering if you’re delivering what it is that your clients want. If you’re ready to grow your business then it’s important to know how your tribe sees you! Listen to this webinar recording to learn how to easily discover what customers want.

In this live recording of the Tribe Talk webinar, Kate Tribe of Tribe Research takes a look at:

  • Classic mistakes businesses make when conducting research
  • Cost effective ways to get your tribe’s ‘pulse’
  • How to use research to find hidden niches that you can take advantage of
  • How to incorporate research into your business strategy
  • How to get reliable answers to your research questions
  • Resources for conducting your own research and professional tools for leveraging this business function
  • Ways to use research to develop new products and improve existing ones

If you’re ready to grow your business then it’s important to know how your tribe sees you!

Who Should Listen:

This webinar recording is for you if you already have a base of clients about whom you want to know more, deliver more to and have conversations with. It is ideal for those in growth and established stages of business.

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Event Details

  • Tribe Talk
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  • Speakers: Kate Tribe
  • Venue: On-Demand

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About the Guest

Kate Tribe is the founder and Managing Director of Tribe Research, an innovative and creative company focusing on accessible ways for business, non-profit and government sectors to grow from a better understanding of their tribe. Tribe Research aims for customers to explore their tribes of clients, customers, suppliers and staff,...