“The REACH Retreat in Hawaii is BACK!”

The Program People Have Called “Life-Changing,” “Transformational,” and “The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself” is Back for 2023…
… and YOU’RE Invited!”

Ready for something really special to happen in your business and your life?

We’re going to Hawaii! And we would love you to come with us!

You will be part of a very small and select group of women business owners who will spend 5 days together in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, to reset, re-imagine and reach a new level in your business.

This is where you will get that much-needed time for you to step out of the day- to-day hustle and bustle and get a whole new perspective on what you want for your business and how to get it…

Success is all about WHO you’re “BEING”

Because what I know, for sure, is that business is as much about who you’re BEING as it is about what you’re DOING… and to succeed, you really do need regular time out to review and re-ignite the direction for your business (and to recharge your batteries).

But how can you do that when life is so busy and you’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions?

That’s where the HerBusiness REACH Retreat comes in…

Because taking time out to think, plan, get a new perspective and dream is REAL work… and it doesn’t have to feel like a slog :-)

In fact, putting yourself in a beautiful place with the support of other business owners is the IDEAL way to get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

We’ve planned an amazing five days for you.

You can read all about the HerBusiness REACH Retreat here.


2017 REACH Retreat

Here’s what you can expect….

For Your Business

This is unlike any business event you have attended.

Your business can only grow to the level that you are able to have the success that you want in your life.

Yes, any limitations to the growth and results we want are limitations that we (sometimes unconsciously) set.

But – there’s a way out.

And, that’s THROUGH the barriers that might be keeping a lid on your full potential.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get for your business:

  • A map of the steps to take to grow your business and have a bigger impact
  • Clarity of vision, purpose and direction
  • New skills for communicating your message to your ideal clients, you’re staff and your suppliers so that it resonates and makes an impact
  • Better relationships and the ability to reach out more for support
  • An inner circle of peers and advisers that understand and support you and your business and are in your corner


2017 REACH Retreat Attendees

For You

The more connected you are with your purpose, the easier it is to create your ideal path forward, the more effective your performance, the greater your accomplishments, the more successes, the greater your prosperity, and the higher your mood levels and happiness.

Surrounding yourself with people who are also committed to success, prosperity and happiness, moves you closer to your wanted outcomes and accomplishments.

The first step is unlocking and recovering your knowing and being able to operate closer to your full potential.

What you’ll have for you:

  • Feel lighter and more free
  • Experience bigness, expansion, and feeling more in control
  • New awarenesses. Being more alive
  • Major cognitions (Aha’s) and recognition of what may be holding you back
  • New abilities, skills, and more personal power
  • Vast increase in action and productivity
  • Problems resolving themselves easily
  • Life becoming more fun, exciting, and worthwhile
  • Increase of love for life and people
  • Increased success (and less success reluctance)
  • More mastery over yourself and your thoughts
  • Freedom from the grind and being more at cause over life
  • Operating closer to your full potential

We are so excited to invite you to apply to join us. Spaces are strictly limited.

Head over here to register your interest today.

Event Details

  • The REACH Retreat
  • Date: 30th October, 2023
  • Venue: Outrigger Kona Resort, Hawaii

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