The people who occupy the top spots in any industry are those who create the most relevant and most useful online content – those who have a clear social media content strategy in place. What type of content should you create on a regular basis? And, which social media platforms are best suited to your content?   One thing is for sure — You must be consistent with your social media content.

If you get hundreds of followers on Twitter, but never post anything, people will lose interest. Similarly, if you launch a blog and post new content only once a month, people will lose interest. You have to ask yourself what you can manage and how you can fit it into your already busy life. Given your unique situation, which social media tools will allow you to create the most engaging content related to your area of expertise? In the Social Media Content Strategies webinar, you’ll discover how to become a powerful online content creator.

The webinar will teach you:

  • Why content is king when it comes to social media
  • What to say, when to say it and how to say it
  • How to re-purpose good content and make it work hard for you
  • Planning tips for creating a social media content schedule that you can easily manage
  • Leveraging content creation – how to do more with less
  • Efficient ways to publish your content

Copywriting guru Belinda Weaver from Copywrite Matters shares:

  • How social media fits into your content marketing strategy
  • Social media and SEO
  • Balancing personal and personality
  • Choosing the right social media platforms: Why you shouldn’t be everywhere
  • Some writing tips for social media
  • How to use multimedia (even if you don’t have a big budget)

And social media content strategies consultant, author and trainer Trevor Young covers:

  • What is a platform and why it is important for your business
  • How content creation and social participation work together for maximum impact
  • The different types of content you can start producing right now
  • The importance of defining your brand story and ‘Spheres of Conversation’
  • The power of ‘relentless giving’ and why it’s important to the marketing of your brand
  • Why your personal brand is important (and what to do about it)

Comments from the audience:

“The webinar was a good mix of practical takeaways and inspiration.”

“I enjoyed the practical steps that were presented as well as the different speakers who demonstrated different perspectives on the topic.”

“I enjoyed Trevor’s tip about Sphere’s of Conversation it helped keep my focus, as Social Media can be so daunting. The webinar reassured me that it doesn’t have to be.”

Both presenters were excellent! I enjoyed how pragmatic and practical the content was.”

“I loved Belinda’s section! She was very practical & relevant.”

“The webinar had passionate presentations as well as interesting and practical content.”

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  • Social Media Content Strategies
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  • Speakers: Belinda Weaver and Trevor Young
  • Venue: On-Demand

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About the Guests

I left the corporate world to become a freelancer copywriter in 2010. I had never considered working for myself but now I can’t imagine anything different. My career shifted from IT to Marketing and then to copywriting. I love the construction of effective copy and after many years as a...

Trevor Young helps companies, organisations and individuals leverage the power of PR, social media and content marketing to deepen the connection they have with the people who matter most to the success of their business, cause or issue. He does this through speaking, training, coaching and consulting. Trevor blogs at and can...