How to FINALLY Convert Your Prospects into CUSTOMERS Who Love You and Want to Buy From You Again & Again…

(Without Getting “Pushy” or “Salesy”, Even If You’re Frustrated With Your Results So Far, Don’t Know Where To Start, or You’ve Been Trying all the “Guru” Strategies and Nothing is Working”)

The BIG Thing That’s Gonna Happen on this Training…

The ENTIRE focus of this 90-minute free training is to help you literally have a BREAKTHROUGH with the results you’re getting.

(and by results, we mean actually getting sales from your webinars, emails, challenges and all the things you’re knocking yourself out doing right now!).

And we’re going to do that by pinpointing the ONE crucial thing that’s likely holding you back.

And that is…

The way you’re actually explaining and positioning the thing you sell.

Sounds simple.

But 99% of people get this wrong (and when they fix it, their results SKYROCKET).

We’ve seen it first hand MANY times.

Because this is what we help people do all day, every day.

The fact is, you can be doing everything else really well in your marketing.

But without actually knowing what goes into constructing and then communicating a compelling offer, you can be falling face first on that sales slip n slide!

And nobody wants that.

We work with WOMEN to help them get UNSTUCK when it comes to making offers.

WITHOUT being salesy.

Actually, when you “get” this process… we know it may sound unbelievable right now… but you can actually LOVE the sales part of your business.

It could actually feel EASY and FUN.

And you could actually be really good at it.

(even better than you could have imagined).

And those sales could start rolling in at a level that might blow your mind.



It doesn’t take any mystical superpower.

All you need is a process to follow.

Come and join us for this FREE Training so we can tell you all about it AND give you an actual PRACTICAL framework for making this shift.

We know you want to :-)

Go ahead… click here and make the time.

This could be THE most important 90 mins of your week, month or even potentially your year.

Event Details

  • Offers That Sell
  • Date: 7th June, 2022
  • Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm AEST
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon
  • Venue: Online

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