You’re Invited to Australia’s Premier Event for Women Growing and Scaling A Business

Running a business by yourself can be lonely. 

There’s SO MUCH TO LEARN in order to stay on top of WHAT’S HOT and what works when you are growing your business.

Add to that the pressure of always having to bring in NEW CLIENTS, and it can feel overwhelming.

What if you could solve both challenges at once?  

The HerBusiness LIVE event is the FAST-TRACK way for you to MAKE CONNECTIONS, create RELATIONSHIPS and GROW YOUR BUSINESS with other women entrepreneurs.

You will almost immediately discover others who are eager to DO BUSINESS with you.

But it’s MORE than that.

As a woman GROWING AND SCALING YOUR BUSINESS, you need (and want) a safe place to ask questions and get TRUSTED ANSWERS. Not random answers from people who don’t “get” you or understand what you’re doing in your business.

You want ANSWERS from OTHER WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE and have SUCCESSFULLY achieved the NEXT LEVEL of growth in their business.

And you want SUPPORT from women who are in the thick of growing a business while simultaneously managing family and outside commitments… all without sacrificing their health, or experiencing burnout and overwhelm.

That’s why YOU are invited to join us for this EXCLUSIVE business-owners-only event.


New Clients and Connections are Waiting For You At HerBusiness LIVE

Get ready! Because 12 October is your opportunity to supercharge your knowledge and inspiration at the 2020 HerBusiness LIVE Event.

I’m so excited to give you access to some of the leading women business-owners in Australia – and the chance to learn how they are using innovative marketing, technology and their business networks to leapfrog the competition.

At HerBusiness LIVE, world-class speakers will reveal how they harnessed powerful thinking and new and emerging technologies and marketing strategies to take their businesses to the top.

You’ll hear directly from other women about what they are doing to build sustainable businesses, do meaningful work, make an impact, increase market share, lower costs, generate leads, get new clients, grow their businesses and play a BIGGER GAME.

And you’ll get the chance to apply their expert experience to your own business in growth-critical areas such as online marketing, sales, and improving the customer experience.

Plus, you’ll network with other businesswomen, benefiting from their insights and experiences.

You might even discover potential suppliers and powerful centres of influence – and even get new clients!

This is our 12th all-star all-day seminar for female entrepreneurs and I firmly believe it is a must-attend event for women business owners.

I look forward to seeing you there on the day!

Suzi Dafnis
CEO, HerBusiness



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Event Details

  • HerBusiness Live
  • Date: 12th October, 2020
  • Time: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
  • Price: $595 (Login for Premium Member Discount)
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis

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About the Guest

Hi there. I’m Suzi Dafnis, CEO at HerBusiness. My BIG passion is helping women business owners to grow and scale their business, so that they can create their ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world. Every day I am inspired by the more than 30,000 amazing women (and...