Video Marketing is one of the best and fastest growing ways to connect with your customers

We’ve heard many reasons why people aren’t creating video content:

It’s not worth it.
I don’t know how.
I don’t have the resources.

Zerafina Zara debunks the myths behind what it takes to create great video content, and in this MasterClass she gives you tools you need to start and to feel confident.

Zerafina, through her company, Video Confident, helps people gain the skills they need to communicate confidently, whether that be through public speaking and leadership or creating videos. She has a background in singing and performance that has allowed her to gain the experience and expertise she needs to help others grow.

One thing she says in the MasterClass is,

“If you’re not making stories, you don’t exist.”

In the digital age, everything has quickly become documented with pictures and videos that get shared in our communities.

If you aren’t sharing what your business is doing with good, creative content, you are going to get left behind.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, take some time to spend with Zerafina to learn everything you need to know about good video marketing.

In this MasterClass, Zara shares:

  • Why video marketing matters
  • How it builds your influence as a brand
  • How to make short and sharable videos
  • All the platforms for posting videos and the differences between them
  • What stories your business should be telling
  • Basic tips for video creation
  • All the don’ts of creating videos
  • How to script and deliver
  • What makes good sound quality and products to use
  • The basics of editing and resources to use
  • Why social media is different than TV
  • How to gain an edge on your competitors
  • The encouragement and confidence you need to do this!

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  • Know how to say it
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Event Details

  • How to Confidently use Video to Market Your Success
  • Speakers: Zerafina Zara
  • Venue: On Demand

About the Guest

I coach confident communication and help people connect through video, leadership and public speaking skills. I have done this through my company, Forte Presence Consulting, mainly with organisational psychologists and large organisations. A year ago I started Video Confident, where I coach in presenting to video and sharing your message...