Featured Member: Catherine Cahill

For years, Catherine found herself being asked for professional advice by people she’d worked with. Eventually, she realised there was a market for human resources and career management advice – and that she had a knack for helping people with these complicated situations. “I loved fixing problems. I loved creating better ways of doing things. Although most people say they hate change, I thrive on it. Every time I had broken the back of major issues in my workplace, I started to look around for new challenges.” At Worksense – Solutions at Work, Catherine helps individuals and organisations fix professional issues, find more efficient ways of operating their businesses, master the intricacies of employment law, and much more. “My satisfaction comes from helping my clients go from a problem that often feels overwhelming to a solution that is better than they imagined it could be.” Advice Catherine wishes she’d been told when she started her own business: Do a lot more planning before you quit your day job! You don’t have to do things the way “gurus” do. If you … Continue reading Featured Member: Catherine Cahill