Beyond the City

Running a business can be challenging. Running a business from a remote, regional or country area sees those challenges amplified. You may have limited access to mentors, role models, networking events and feel the isolation that many business owners feel, in a totally different way.

In this webinar we look at how to stay connected, grow your network and build your business no matter what your location. Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame Inductee Vanya Cullen (Cullen Wines) speaks about the business journey faced by women running businesses in rural and regional Australia. Jacqui Brauman takes on the challenge of running her regionally-based law firm, Theobald Lawyers.

Vanya and Jacqui will provide real stories and strategies from her own success in business.

Comments from the audience:

“The focus on connecting with people, strategies to combat doubts, and persevering through all the challenges that arise”

“Hearing from women who are in regional areas, making their businesses actually work… particularly because they were in different areas, different ages and different fields”

“All presenters/speakers were so honest and engaging and I came away with tips that I can use going forward!”

“The message I took away was “just do it”

“Importance of building connections between yourself and your community.”

“Knowing that even successful business women go through what your feeling.”

Inspiring and encouraging.

“It was interesting to hear the views of both women, one in business for many years and one starting up”

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  • Beyond the City
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About the Guest

Victorian solicitor, accredited wills and estate specialist, and owner of TBA Law (, focusing on estate planning particularly for young families and succession planning for small business. I grew up in Wangaratta, Victoria, did my law degree, married my Defence Force husband and have moved around regularly. After moving back...